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World Class Restorations

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RV Supplies List

  1. 25’ 50 amp power cord.
  2. Stinky slinky [RV sewer hose kit].
  3. 50 amp to 30 amp converter adapter and 50 amp to 120 volt adapter.
  4. 25’ water hose with exterior filter.
  5. External water hose shut-off valve – hook up to city water exterior outlet for ease of connecting hose.
  6. Tongue lock.
  7. Chalks for wheels.
  8. Wheel leveling blocks.
  9. Tongue platform.
  10. Black tank cleaning wand.
  11. 90 elbow for sewer and stinky slinky.
  12. Black tank bio cleaning pods.
  13. Tire jack for flats.
  14. 50’ tv cable to hook up at the street side for campground cable tv.
  15. Electrical surge protector.
  16. Spray bottle: To keep the polish pretty, follow these directions - after polishing, wait 90 days for aluminum to solidify, then use a SPA microfiber rag [Autozone] and mineral spirits [spray a mist] to remove excess polish; only wipe up and down, never sideways. For weekly or monthly maintenance, use a spray bottle with 1/3 white vinegar and 2/3 distilled water; spray a fine mist and only wipe up and down, never with 4'x4' sections.
  17. Suggested RV Apps: Allstays – rv dumping stations, Allstays – ONP Walmart free overnight camping, Coach-net – RV roadside assistance.   

Vintage RV Trailer Renovation in NE Metro Atlanta

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